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Site Pro

Site Pro is the package designed to keep crop consultants, co-ops, insurance agents, tile contractors, seed representatives and others ahead of the game! Site Pro takes the features of Farm Trac and Farm Site and adds a limitless number of clients. Layers of mapping data along with field and chemical records can be kept for each of your customers. No more sorting through file cabinets to find a client's information. With Site Pro, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Site Pro Features:
  • Create projects for an unlimited number of clients. Display as many clients as you would like on the screen at one time.
  • Includes U.S. Geological Survey road and waterway data for your area.
  • Download FREE geo-referenced aerial photos from the Internet. All maps are FREE and available for any region in the U.S.
  • Share information, such as yield maps or soil tests, with your clients who use Farm Site.
  • Create any number of layers to analyze anything in, on, or under fields. Layers can be specific to a given client or can be "shared" layers that can be displayed along with any client's data.
  • Print full-color maps to any WindowsTM compatible printer. You may either print to a set scale or print the map as seen on the screen. Site Pro even gives you the ability to include your logo on all maps you print.
  • Includes Site Mate Basic. This program installs to a Pocket PC, Windows CE, or a laptop computer utilizing a GPS receiver to map field boundaries, paths, and points.
  • Automatically grid any field to any grid size for soil sampling. This procedure will automatically create grid lines as well as the soil sampling points and can be used to automatically fill in the sample ID for each. Points can be created using several different grid patterns and all points can be moved or deleted. These points can be exported for use with Micro-Trak's® Soil-Trak or with Farm Site Mate.
  • Drawing tools are included for drawing fields, structures, and landmarks.
  • Use patterns, as well as colors, for creating transparent layers.
  • Imports yield data from yield monitors to generate base, averaged, and contoured views. For a complete list of compatible yield monitors, click here.
  • Includes "Smoothing Tool" for averaging and contouring of data. Change the size of the grid on which averages are based, change the number of points used in smoothing calculations, or use the default values provided.
  • Display averages based on areas from other layers. Find the average yields for each soil type or for a weed area or show the average pH within a certain soil type.
  • Quickly and easily create and display legends. Use the statistical option to automatically create a legend based on the ranges of data that you are working with, or use the Equal Units feature to make your own legend. Legends can display histograms and range counts.
  • Import and export data in several formats including Arc View Shape files and ASCII delimited files.
  • Record, sort, and print crop history reports for each client. Such reports include, chemical, fertilizer, seed, field summary, supply cost per field, notations, and a report builder.
  • All chemical and fertilizer reports are approved by EPA.
  • Use scanned images - as many or as few as you need. These images can be geo-referenced and scaled using your road and waterway maps. You can then trace field and soil type boundaries to produce accurate maps.
  • Zoom in on any feature on a map, or see a bird's-eye view of the entire area. Quickly zoom to a certain farm or field with user defined zooms.
  • Split or merge fields at any time to reflect changes in farming methods.
  • Use the "Show Me" function to display only selected parts of any data. For example, show only areas with certain soil types, or only yields that fall within a selected range.
  • Manage layers by category, layer, commodity, farm, and field through the Layer Management area.
  • Create "work orders" for employees to take to the field. "Work Orders" can be printed on paper or downloaded to Farm Trac Mate. These are designed to plan who, what, where, and when a field operation is to be completed.
  • Planning tools to facilitate product ordering, allocation, and budgeting.
  • Use the coordinate system that fits the job - Degrees, Degrees-Minutes, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, State Plane, or UTM
Site Pro Requirements:
  • Microsoft© Windows 98 or higher.
  • 133 MHz Processor.
  • 64 MB Memory.
  • 20 MB Hard Drive Space.

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