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Farm Trac Mate

If you are looking to save time in the field entering important crop records, then Farm Trac Mate is your answer. Enjoy the convenience of taking the handheld device to the field to enter valuable information about supply usage, equipment hours, field and weather conditions, notes, or yield. To make things easier, Farm Trac Mate has the ability to load "work orders" from the Farm Works desktop computer, so crop records can be entered faster with fewer steps. The latest enhancement to the Farm Trac Mate program is the ability to integrate Farm Site Mate. By integrating these two software programs, growers can now create production maps that are tied to field records. Tillage, planting, chemical, fertilizer, and harvest records can now be linked to GPS maps that show exactly where the operations have been performed.

Trac Mate Features:
  • Gives you a portable data-entry solution for field records.
  • Integrates with Farm Trac or Site Pro to provide you with a complete field and chemical record-keeping package.
  • Plug your handheld device with Windows CE or Pocket PC into your desktop computer to download information such as work orders, fields, equipment, personnel, and supply names from Farm Trac or Site Pro into Trac Mate. When you are finished with Trac Mate, simply plug it into your desktop computer again and all of your field and chemical records in Farm Trac or Site Pro are completely updated.
  • Includes an easy to use "Setup Wizard" for adding items such as fields, personnel, equipment, and supplies that were not previously set up in Farm Trac or Site Pro.
  • The "Map" tab displays a map of the field boundary. This allows the user to view a coverage map along with the boundary. The map tab will also display current acres covered.
  • Keep track of hours worked in each field. Simply start running the time clock in Trac Mate by clicking on "Go". When finished, click on "Stop" and Trac Mate will compute the hours that each person worked in the field.
  • Use the on-screen keyboard, or the hand-writing features of Pocket PCs for writing your information on the screen. Trac Mate has been designed to minimize the amount of required data entry. Most information is entered by selecting items with a stylus from a list of choices.
  • Keeping track of equipment tach hours has never been easier. When you first start using Trac Mate, enter the starting tach hours on each piece of equipment. When you are finished in a field, enter the ending tach hours. Trac Mate will then carry the ending tach hours to the next field.
  • Quickly enter the quantity of each supply used in each field. Supplies can easily be added on the go.
  • Enter field and weather conditions for chemical reporting.
  • Trac Mate provides a flexible Notes area where you can enter miscellaneous field information such as notes about broken tiling, weed or insect problems, or anything that you desire.
  • Enter scale tickets or quantity harvested for each field.
  • Utilizes "work orders", created as Crop Plans with programs such as Farm Trac or Site Pro, to make crop record-keeping quicker and easier. Users in the field can select a field and work order as well as see a summary of what needs to be completed.
  • Multiple licensed copies of Trac Mate can gather field records and download data into a single Farm Trac or Site Pro.
Additional Features when Integrated with Farm Site Mate:
  • By integrating Trac Mate with Site Mate growers and agribusinesses can now create production maps that are tied to field records.
  • A "Map" tab displays a map of the field boundary once the name of the field is selected from the drop-down list. This allows the user to view a coverage map once the user taps on the "Go" button. The coverage map, which is displaying covered acres on the go, is also helpful to view skips and navigate the operator if he or she leaves the field for product fills.
  • Create tillage, planting, chemical, fertilizer and harvest records that are linked to maps that show where the applications have been performed. These maps, such as seed variety maps, can be printed and analyzed in Farm Trac/ Farm Site or Site Pro.
  • Saves time entering data in the field. Once a work-order is selected, the user taps a "Go" button when they start their application and Trac Mate will use data from any GPS receiver, (utilizing mapping features from Farm Site Mate,) to compute acres covered, total product used, and hours worked.
  • Users can enter product fills as they go which in turn will update the records and maps that are being created.
  • Use the program with Site Mate VRA for logging data from a controller or for doing variable rate application.
Trac Mate Requirements:
  • Pocket PC (such as the Compaq or HP iPAQ), Windows CE, or any laptop running Windows 98 or higher.
  • 8MB memory (for handheld device).
  • Trac or Site Pro (Farm Works desktop software).

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