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Farm Trac

Farm Trac is the most complete field record-keeping software program available on the market today. With over 25,000 copies of Farm Trac sold in the U.S. and around the world, it is a program of great flexibility and value for any farmer. Have you ever forgot when you planted a certain field or the yield for a particular variety? How about finding those chemical reports when the EPA comes knocking at your door? Farm Trac addresses all those questions with a user-friendly interface for quick data entry.

Farm Trac Features:
  • Easy to use Field/Farm/Job Tree allows quick access to field names for viewing and printing of field records.
  • Note tillage practices, fertilizer and seed rates, herbicide use, crop yields, and weather conditions.
  • Keep detailed records on equipment such as service interval, serial numbers, and burn rate of fuel.
  • Record, sort, and print restricted chemical usage. All reports are EPA approved.
  • Track inputs, production, and crop rotation information.
  • Ability to create EPA required Pesticide Application Schedules that conform to Worker Protection Standards.
  • Print enterprise statements on a per field basis to view costs and profitability.
  • Create work orders and download them into Farm Trac Mate.
  • Download supplies, such as seed or chemicals, from the Internet with EPA number and other important labeling information.
  • Select nutrients for fertilizers from a drop-down list with set up automatically completed.
  • Import pictures of equipment, personnel, and fields from a digital camera.
  • Customize reports to fit your needs.
  • Enter future planning records for product ordering, equipment usage, and employee allocation.
  • Available in 8 languages.
Farm Trac Requirements:
  • Microsoftİ Windows 98 or higher.
  • 133 MHz Processor.
  • 64 MB Memory.
  • 20 MB Hard Drive Space.

Farm Trac Thumbnails

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Main Screen

Equipment Setup

People Setup

People Setup 2

People Setup 3

Supply Setup

Equipment Report
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