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Farm Stock Mate

Farm Stock Mate is the solution for entering animal records on-the-go. Installing to any handheld device with Pocket PC or Windows CE, Stock Mate makes it simple for any farmer/rancher to quickly retrieve important information while in the barn or pasture. Have you ever vaccinated animals and overlook prior treatments? Do you have trouble remembering bloodlines? Stock Mate reduces time spent in the office searching for answers while increasing productivity in the barn or pasture. Farm Works is also excited to announce the compatibility of most RFID tag readers. Most tag readers contain Bluetooth (wireless) technology, which are fully compatible with Stock Mate. Just scan the electronic ear tag with the tag reader and instantly enter valuable records for each animal. Once again, keeping it simple!

Farm Stock Mate Features:
  • Works with Pocket PC, Windows CE, or any laptop running Windows 98 or higher.
  • Integrates with Farm Stock (required) for a complete herd management package.
  • Provides a portable data-entry solution for herd management records.
  • Handles multiple animal types such as cattle, hogs, dairy, sheep, goats, elk, horses, and more.
  • Enter health, weight, birth, transfer, wean, service, and feed records.
  • Quickly monitor information on expected due dates, vaccination reminders, pregnancy checks, and other calendar events.
  • View detailed history records of each animal.
  • Display bloodlines on-the-go.
  • Integrates herd management records into cost analysis package if user has Farm Funds.
  • Works with Tag Readers (including RFID) so animals can be automatically selected for data entry.
  • Multiple licensed copies of Stock Mate can gather livestock records and download data into a single Farm Stock
Farm Stock Mate Requirements:
  • Pocket PC (such as the Compaq or HP iPAQ), Windows CE, or any laptop running Windows 98 or higher.
  • 8MB memory (for handheld device).
  • Farm Stock (Farm Works desktop software).

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