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Farm Site Mate

Farm Site Mate allows you to easily create maps of field boundaries, weed areas, tile lines, spray paths, soil sample locations, or anything else you may need. These maps may then be used in most GIS programs including Farm Site or Site Pro. Farm Site Mate also works with most variable rate controllers for precise application of product. Farm Site Mate is easily upgraded to include additional features, as your record keeping needs change.

Farm Site Mate Features:
  • Maps wet holes, weed and insect infestations, and other areas of interest.
  • Data can be saved in ASCII, ArcView Shape File or MapInfo Interchange File formats.
  • Allows you to drive around the field and generate an accurate map of field boundaries.
  • Logs the locations of soil samples and other important points in the field.
  • Allows you to offset logged paths and boundaries.
  • Includes easy-to-use zoom features for zooming in on important areas of your maps.
  • Works in US-English or Metrics measurements.
  • Includes a "Data" tab that can be used for displaying information being output by your GPS receiver.
  • Displays distances of mapped paths, useful for determining lengths of field tiling.
  • Displays sizes of mapped areas such as field boundaries and weed areas.
  • Includes a "Manual Location Entry" that allows you to simulate GPS by touching the screen at the appropriate location.
  • Available in 17 languages.
  • Allows the loading of any number of ArcView Shape Files and/or aerial photos as background layers.

Farm Site Mate - Scouting

Site Mate Scouting Features:
  • Includes all the features of Farm Site Mate-Basic.
  • Allows you to create soil sampling grids to any size, pattern, and orientation. Site Mate Scouting can even automatically assign sample IDs to each point.
    • Grids can be square or irregular rectangles.
    • Grids can be rotated and moved and then can be used to create background point, path, and polygon layers.
  • Displays text with areas and points.
  • Lets you enter an unlimited number of attributes such as scouting notes, types of weeds, date, types of insects, or intensity for mapped areas and points.
  • Unlimited templates can be used for various scouting jobs.
  • Includes navigation tools for navigating to gridded points or any known point in a field.
  • Includes features for creating and displaying legends for areas and points.

Farm Site Mate - Single VRA

Site Mate VRA Features:
  • Includes all the features of Farm Site Mate-Basic and Scouting.
  • Works with commonly used variable rate controllers and sensors.
  • Creates "as applied" maps when working with most controllers. As-Applied data is saved as an ArcView Shape File or MapInfo Interchange File when completed.
  • Gives you the ability to create a legend based on application rate as well as labels for each polygon/area.
  • Displays total expected amount of product to be applied.
  • Allows you to enter your swath width in order to see an on-the-go application coverage map.
  • Uses an ArcView Shape File prescription map to control product application.
  • Allows editing rates for individual areas/polygons.
  • Allows the use of a conversion to convert between different units of measure or to adjust all rates on a prescription map by a set percentage.

Farm Site Mate - Multi VRA

Farm Site Mate VRA Multi Product provides a variable rate solution for multi-product VRA. This new solution currently works with Raven controllers (support for additional controllers will be coming in 2007) and can control up to 5 different channels/products. Orders for Site Mate VRA Multi Product are being taken today and the product will ship by December 31, 2006

Site Mate Requirements:
  • Pocket PC (such as the Compaq or HP iPAQ), Windows CE, or any laptop running Windows 98 or higher.
  • 8MB memory (for handheld device).
  • Any GPS receiver outputting NMEA0183.

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