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Farm Funds

Farm Funds is the only farm accounting program that fully integrates with field records (Farm Trac), herd management records (Farm Stock), and mapping (Farm Site). Do you know your cost per acre? What is your cost per pound of livestock? Farm Funds offers easy enterprising per field, livestock group, machine, or structure while still maintaining the records you need for tax purposes. Eliminate the stress by keeping your receipts in the shoebox and let Farm Funds create the tax reports you need.

Farm Funds Features:
  • Double entry accounting for both cash and accrual books.
  • Integrates with Farm Trac to keep accounting records at the same time as keeping field histories, herd notations, and chemical records.
  • Up-to-date inventory tracking.
  • Profitability of each field and herd of animals is automatically calculated.
  • Supports detailed cost records for equipment.
  • Full payroll system calculates federal, FICA, and most state withholdings.
  • No monthly closings required and year-end is simple.
  • Records animal weights and feedings to calculate feed conversion and cost per pound gained for each livestock group.
  • Tax schedule area allows you to create reports to make tax preparation easy.
  • Generate market value balance sheets.
  • Includes budgeted cash flows.
  • Keeps family living costs separate from farm costs.
  • Full check-recording system. Includes interactive check register for easy editing and printing of transactions.
  • Predefined accounts and financial statement formats are available that can easily be modified to reduce setup time.
  • Depreciation amounts for equipment, structures, land improvements, and livestock can be entered.
Farm Fund Requirements:
  • Farm Trac
  • Microsoftİ Windows 98 or higher
  • 133 MHz Processor.
  • 64 MB Memory.
  • 20 MB Hard Drive Space.

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