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The GPS Pioneers Continue To Expand The Precision Ag Horizon

AutoFarm is 100% dedicated to precision agriculture and tools that improve our customers’ productivity and profitability.

From introducing the first GPS steering systemfor North America in themid 90’s, to the introduction of the world’s first implement steering systemin 2006, to new ParaDyme, the most advanced precision ag systemever, AutoFarm leads the way with innovative and reliable precision farming solutions.

  • High accuracy hands-free automatic steering.
  • Dual-antenna system featuring Logic7D technology providing sub-inch vehicle steering.
  • Tracks pitch, roll and yaw at all times with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.
  • Request help through INTEGRA or EDGE display for in-field technical support, allowing dealer service technicians to make adjustments to the system remotely.
  • Complete setup with the INTEGRA or EDGE display.
  • Position and heading known at all times, even when not moving.
  • Rapid line acquisition, without the need for a wheel angle sensor – in forward or reverse.
  • Full steering system calibration with simple three-step Auto Calibration process.
  • Guidance patterns include straight AB, A+, Identical Curve, Adaptive Curve, Pivot and SmartPath™ (2010 release).
  • Transfer ParaDyme system from one piece of equipment to another quickly and without tools.
  • Built in cell modem for CORS network support.
  • Provides GPS accuracy using corrections via WAAS/EGNOS, OmniStar XP/HP and RTK.





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