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Sales & Technical Support

Precision Ag Solutions

Kris Goodman
Mobile: 209-509-5837

Cory Mendes
Mobile: 209-509-5365

Industry Support


AutoFarm support can be reached at:
+1-877-947-7327 (U.S./Canada)
M - F 5am - 7pm MST
Sat 8am - 3pm MST
24 hours On Call


FarmWorks phone support: 260-488-3492
Fax: 260-488-3737
Discussion groups


Support line: 1-800-243-5435
Raven Flow Controls stands behind every product with exceptional support and customer service. Check this page periodically for software upgrades on-line or use it to download manuals, warranty information and more. As always, we encourage you to call us directly at (800) 243-5435


Precision farming doesn’t come without questions. Ag Leader is committed to providing the most responsive, knowledgeable and friendly technical support available. Our technical service team is available seven-days-a-week during peak seasons to answer your questions on Ag Leader products.
Phone: (515) 232-5363
Fax: (515) 232-3595

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