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We offer a suite of fully integrated farm management programs that are Windows based. These programs are designed specifically to help producers operate their farm more profitably. Simply select the module(s) that meets the needs of your operation, and make record keeping easier.

Farm Trac

Farm Trac is the most complete field record-keeping software program available on the market today. With over 25,000 copies of Farm Trac sold in the U.S. and around the world, it is a program of great flexibility and value for any farmer. Have you ever forgot when you planted a certain field or the yield for a particular variety? How about finding those chemical reports when the EPA comes knocking at your door? Farm Trac addresses all those questions with a user-friendly interface for quick data entry.

Farm Site

Farm Site is the elite mapping and layering software used by farmers today. From downloading aerial photos and tracing field boundaries to importing yield data, Farm Site has it all. Farm Site provides unlimited layers for yield mapping, application logs, soil types, soil sample results, tile lines, and more. The integration of Farm Trac is especially unique. If importing yield or application data into Farm Site, Farm Trac will convert this spatial data into a field record. No other company does it better with fewer steps!

Farm Funds

Farm Funds is a complete farm cost management package, fully integrated with Farm Trac and Farm Stock that maintains your books on both the accrual and cash basis. This allows you to know exactly how profitable each enterprise really is on your farm, while still maintaining the records you need for tax purposes.

Farm Stock

Farm Stock is the leader in herd management software. No other software program offers as many features at an affordable price as Farm Stock. From the handy calendar with automatic event scheduling to the hassle-free bloodline report; there is something for every livestock operation, no matter how large or small.

Farm Stock Mate

Farm Works is excited to announce the release of Stock Mate. This program will install to any pocket pc or laptop running Windows 95 or higher. Stock Mate will take the pain away from entering records on the desktop computer. Just take your Pocket PC with you to the barn or pasture and enter records as you go. It is that simple!

Easily add new animals to your farm stock records, and enter information on health, weight, birth, mating, transfer, wean, service, animal loss, and feed records. Farm Stock Mate integrates with Farm Stock (required) to provide you with a complete herd management package.

Farm Trac Mate

Farm Trac Mate integrates with Farm Trac and Site Pro to provide field record-keeping for pocket pc computers running Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 or higher. Trac Mate lets you enter field records while you’re in the field. Trac Mate takes the hassle out of field record-keeping and lets you spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

Farm Site Mate

Farm Site Mate utilizes a pocket pc computer running Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 or higher, or a laptop computer with Windows 95 or higher, along with a GPS receiver for site specific mapping, scouting, soil sampling and variable rate control. Site Mate allows you to easily create maps of field boundaries, weed areas, tile lines, spray paths, soil sample locations, or anything else you may need. These maps may then be used in most GIS programs including Farm Site or Site Pro. Farm Site Mate also works with most variable rate controllers for precise application of product.

Handheld Mapping Systems

GPS Receivers

RTK Sub Inch Steering

Spray Controllers

Yield Monitors

Farming Software



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