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* 10.4" sunlight readable, color touch-screen
* USB thumb drive memory transfer
* Interfaces to existing (with serial port) and new Raven controllers
* Compatible with any GPS system
* CAN (Raven only) interface today will plug-n-play
o Raven Injection
o AccuBoom – Boom Section Control
o AutoBoom – Boom Height Control
* Creates color coverage & as-applied rate maps on the go
* Creates field-boundary maps
* Up to five channel variable rate capabilities with existing or new Raven controllers
* Data log information to internal memory
* Stores data in Shapefile format for use in most major software packages
* Create in-the-field product application report & map
* No cost Raven Rbin Viewer software available at
o The Rbin Viewer is used with the Viper system for viewing job and field data
o With this new software version, the following features have been added
+ Ability to edit Rbin customer, field, and product data from a desktop computer
+ History file for edited data
+ External serial rate field
+ Improved file processing functions
* Import existing maps of fields – Coverage, Boundary, VRA
* Soil sampling and crop scouting
* Select between English and Metric units
* Five product VRA capability on all AGCO Vipers
* Remote conveyor switch (optional)
* Dual remote conveyor switch for New Leader L3220 (optional)
* Bin chaining – automatically switch bins
* In-cab spinner speed readout & adjustment
* PWM Spinner control capable
* Closed loop spinner speed capable
* Guidance control on-screen or with external lightbar
o Steer Control with optional autosteer feature
* Supports standard, fast close, and PWM product control valves
* Streetmaps provide county road maps (available as a free download on internet)
* Liquid, granular, and NH3 control
* On-line in-job access to prescription maps, coverage map, and product information
* User selectable profiles for different machines
* Boom Position Indicator – The width and relative position of the coverage booms are shown on the coverage map. This feature makes it easier to identify potential overlaps and helps in lining up a new swath.
* Guidance AB Lines – Up to 5 AB lines can be saved for each field and recalled at a later date. (NEED VIPER GUIDANCE ACTIVATED FOR THIS FEATURE)
* AutoBoom Control – Full setup and control of the Raven PowerGlide Plus and UltraGlide AutoBoom systems can be performed from the Viper.
* CAN AccuBoom and AutoBoom Control With Serial Consoles – CAN AccuBoom and AutoBoom control is available even if the Viper is connected to a serial control Raven console.
* Tilt Sensor Setup – Setup of the Raven TM1 Tilt Sensor can be performed from the Viper.
* Greenseeker – The Viper can be connected to the GreenSeeker system and provide real-time variable rate product control and mapping of coverage.
* Mobile weather station – log on-the-go weather information to report.
* CAN Alarm Auto Clear – Off Rate and Low Limit CAN alarms now automatically clear from the Viper screen when the alarm condition is no longer present.
* Reset Field Totals – Field acreage and volume totals can now be reset while in a job.
* Simplified Setup including:
o Simplified Boom Setup – Simply enter the number of booms and boom widths and the Viper automatically calculates boom center locations. A simplified summary screen display boom setting and allows quick access to modify boom settings.
o Speed Cal Assistant – A speed cal assistant steps through the setup of speed cal settings.
o Pulse Width Valve Calibration Assistant – A calibration assistant simplifies the setup of PWM max and min settings.
o Spreader Constant Assistant – A spreader constant assistant eliminates manual calculation to establish spreader constants.

Hardware Specs:

* Dimensions: 8.99” W x 13.365” H X 2.503”D (229 x 340 x 66 mm)
* Weight: 4.7 lbs (2.12 Kg)
* Enclosure: Engineered thermoplastic ABS/Polycarbonate blend with high impact and chemical resistance properties
* Display: 10.4” diagonal measure, 256 color, 480x640 resolution sunlight readable LCD
* Momentary push power switch
* Touchscreen: 10.4” 5-wire resistive technology touchscreen
* Microprocessor: 32-bit 800 Mhz Intel Celeron M processor
* Memory: 256 MB RAM, 1.25 GB internal storage
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Imbedded
* 3 USB data transfer ports
* Input/Output: 2 CANbus 2.0B, 3 serial RS232, Ethernet
* Voltage Range: 9V to 32VDC reverse polarity protected
* Temperature: -20C to +50C


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