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Ag Leader SMS Mobile


Ag Leader is pleased to announce an exciting new product called SMS Mobile. SMS Mobile allows in-field documentation that will help record information about the details of your crop. You will then be able to use this data before, during and after the growing season to make better decisions.

SMS Mobile has been developed from the ground up by Ag Leader. SMS Mobile works seamlessly with SMS Basic and SMS Advanced and takes many of the great features and puts them into a package that can be used “in the field”.

Modes of Operation for SMS Mobile

* Boundary Mode – Records field outlines and area in each field.
* General Logging Mode – Create and edit point, line, and polygon datasets. Example of polygon datasets include observation sites for crop scouting functions, tile lines and management zones.
* Coverage Mode – Continuously logs and records data for any operation providing an area covered. For example recording the placement of different hybrids within your fields.
* Soil Sampling Mode – Creates and/or navigates to each area to pull soil samples.

Integrated yet Flexible

SMS mobile was designed to work seamlessly with the SMS desktop packages but also allows flexibility if users choose to use a different desktop solution.

SMS Mobile has complete integration with SMS desktop packages. Field names, field boundaries, backgrounds (aerial photography, soil maps, and yield maps) and many other items can be transferred from SMS Basic or SMS Advanced. This assures efficient work out in the field and accurate information is passed back to SMS Basic or SMS Advanced.

SMS Mobile can also be configured in the field without using desktop software. SMS Mobile can directly export all logged data in a shape file format for use in other software applications.

Automatic Field Selection

When GPS is used, SMS Mobile will automatically prompt the user with the correct field and other management information based on the current location. Thus when moving from field to field SMS Mobile will help select correct field names & management information.


SMS Mobile - Key Features

* Designed solely by Ag Leader Technology.
* Designed specifically for Windows Mobile 2005 Operating System and will be supported in future Microsoft versions.
o Ensures reliability and increased performance.
o Access to latest mobile technology.
o Data and program are safely stored on the Flash RAM of the handheld.
* Designed to work seamlessly with SMS Basic and SMS Advanced.
* Designed to work with other software packages by supporting direct export of Shape Files.
Setup and configuration can be accomplished with or without SMS desktop packages.
* Automatic GPS Connection Management.
* SMS Mobile will detect all sources for GPS and will allow you to select the default. In case of lost GPS signal, SMS Mobile will re-connect with the default source.
* Supports GPS from serial, Bluetooth, or card-based GPS.
* Automatic Field Selection.
* When GPS is present SMS Mobile will automatically prompt user with current location, proper field name and other management information.
* Ability to log points, lines, and polygons while driving using GPS.
* Ability to draw points, lines, and polygons by hand, with or without GPS.
* Ability to edit drawn or logged points, lines and polygons.
* Ability to display attribute and property values based on location from multiple displayed layers.
* GPS simulation mode for practicing in office before you go to the field. Also can be used for demonstration purposes.
* Summary information & map viewing for data you have already collected.
* Single layer querying for selected spatial objects.
* Enhanced on-screen mapping includes:
o Color Legends
o Smart Labels
o Transparency settings
o Zoom tools
o Measurements tools
o Auto-pan and auto-zoom functions when driving
o Ability to display multiple layers of data


Purchasing Options

SMS Mobile - Field PC Kit

Field PC Handheld, SMS Mobile Software, Compact Flash GPS, End Cap, Storage Card and Power & USB Cabling


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