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Raven SmartBoom

The SmartBoom system provides automatic boom valve section control, which turns boom sections on or off, based on either pre-defined spray zones and/or previous coverage. SmartBoom reduces costly spraying errors, such as skips and overlaps, and is designed to augment your Raven SCS440/450/460 or 660 console and provide a complete spraying solution. SmartBoom is designed to meet these needs while operating in the rugged agricultural environment. A front panel display makes configuring and operating the system easy and user friendly.

The SmartBoom system consists of the following three components, which are required for a complete system:

* SmartBoom controller
* SCS SCS440/450/460 or 660 Console
* GPS Receiver

The SmartBoom system is similar to the existing AccuBoom system, but it is a completely self-contained system, eliminating the need to use an Envizio Plus or Viper to control the system. Using “spray” or “no spray zone” areas, the SmartBoom controller automatically turns the boom section off if the boom section is in a previously applied area, eliminating overlaps. It also eliminates skips by turning boom sections back on after leaving a previously applied area.

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