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Raven Precision Crop Start

The CropStart control system is a simple and cost effective way to give your crops a yield boost this growing season. Both the Cropstart manual system and the CropStart II automatic control system provide simple application, accuracy users can depend on, and the support of Raven.

Crop Start II (Automatic System)

  • Speed compensated technology - replaces ground drive and squeeze pump systems
  • Simple, user-friendly console and easy installation on the planter
  • Serial port to interface with dataloggers & GPS
  • Automatic system shut off when planter is raised from ground. Turn it on at the beginning of the day and go!
  • Interfaces with existing radar on tractor
  • Standard 8-row kits, optional 4-row add-on kits available. Kits include console, flow monitor and stand assembly, pump, on/off valve, proper cables, etc.
  • Proven, reliable pulse width modulated motor control
  • Raven reliability and support

Crop Start (Manual System)

  • Stainless steel pressure gauge for fertilizer.
  • Includes remote shut-off. System shuts off when planter is raised from soil.
  • Provides dependable and simple application.
  • Precise pump speed control
  • Easily adjust boom pressure on the go
  • Control pressure on any 12 volt pump (up to 15 amps)
  • Can be used on spot sprayers, garden sprayers, lawn and yard sprayers, planter fertilizer application, foam markers or any place a 12 volt pump is used
  • 0 to 100 psi pressure gauge

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