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AgLeader INSIGHT SeedCommand

The Next Level of Precision Farming


As seed technologies continue to advance and help improve yield, the cost of each seed that goes into the ground is becoming more expensive. Over hundreds or thousands of acres, overplanting takes dollars straight from your bottom line. SeedCommand, with the AutoSwath feature for planters, helps reduce costly overplanting on end rows, point rows, terraces and waterways – saving you money and valuable time. SeedCommand also allows growers to map variety/hybrid locations and record split-planter operations for better record keeping and decision making.

AutoSwath™ for Planters

The power of INSIGHT™ SeedCommand comes from its AutoSwath feature that automatically controls Tru Count’s planter clutches. Tru Count clutches disengage the seed meter drive from the planter transmission, enabling planter sections to be shut off without raising the planter.

Using GPS and a coverage map, SeedCommand’s AutoSwath feature automatically turns planter sections off as they enter already covered areas or areas marked not to plant. When each planter section encounters field areas that need planted, AutoSwath automatically turns the sections on. AutoSwath will even automatically shut off planting through waterways (sub-boundary required). All this automation without ever raising the planter!

  • Saves seed cost by eliminating double planting on end rows, point rows, and around terraces.
  • Prevent yield loss by eliminating double planted areas that often lodge and run out of moisture and nutrients.
  • Make turning on ends faster - no need to slow down to accurately lift and lower planter on end rows.


    1. Travel full speed into end rows.
    2. AutoSwath shuts off planter sections at first end row.
    3. Conveniently raise planter at any point after entering end rows.
    4. Turn machine around.
    5. Conveniently lower planter at any point after making turn.
    6. AutoSwath turns on planter sections at first end row.

  • Makes night planting easier because you don’t have to watch for hard to see end rows.
  • Prevents dropping seed on top of ground as planter is raised.
  • Saves insecticide cost with granular boxes driven by planter transmission.
  • Makes following the row on end rows and point rows easier at harvest.
This exciting new feature requires a sub-meter 5 Hz GPS receiver. Results will vary based on absolute accuracy of GPS receiver. The Ag Leader EZ-Guide® Plus or GPS 5100 are recommended GPS receivers.

SeedCommand is compatible with Tru Count’s solenoid clutch and NEW air operated clutch. SeedCommand and Tru Count clutches are compatible with most brands of planters, including, but not limited to, Kinze, Deere, White and Case (except Cyclo).

Variety/Hybrid Mapping – One of the easiest benefits from implementing precision farming is hybrid/variety comparisons. By installing INSIGHT in your planter tractor at planting time and then transferring it to the combine at harvest, yield comparisons can be performed right in the field. Simply enter the hybrids and varieties you are going to plant into the Insight display. After loading seed in the planter, select the appropriate hybrid/variety and each variety will be mapped in a different color and clearly defined in the map legend.

Split Planter – Recording split planting operations is easy with the INSIGHT display. Because you can program the INSIGHT to record different varieties/hybrids in different sides of the planter, you know exactly what you planted where, giving you valuable side-by-side yield information.

At harvest, move the INSIGHT display to the combine and recall the planting maps from the spring. The INSIGHT display automatically switches to the correct variety/hybrid as you harvest. The INSIGHT yield monitor automatically categorizes the yield according to which variety/hybrid you are harvesting. Comparing variety/hybrid yields after harvest has never been easier!

Variable Rate Planting. The INSIGHT display is compatible with Rawson brand hydraulic drives for Variable Rate Planting or simply better planter performance. By connecting a serial cable to the Rawson Accu-Rate console, the Insight will record and/or control the planting rate using Insight Serial Control. To learn more about Rawson controls visit their website at

Technical Specifications

Component Specifications:

Dimensions: 10.4" W x 2.9" H x 2.1" D (265 x 74 x 54 mm)
Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact PC/ABS Chemical and UV Resistant

Dimensions: 7.7" W x 5.2" H x 1.6" D (195 x 132 x 40 mm)
Weight: 2.9 lbs max (1.32 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact PC/ABS Weather Proof for External Mounting Chemical and UV Resistant Polyurethane Filled

Dimensions: 6.8" W x 4.0" H x 2.1" D (173 x 102 x 54 mm)
Weight: 2.1 lbs max (0.95 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact PC/ABS Weather Proof for External Mounting Chemical and UV Resistant Polyurethane Filled


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