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AgLeader INSIGHT DirectCommand

The Next Level of Precision Farming


Imagine having complete control of all of your application activities – anhydrous, liquid, and granular – using one display. Imagine application technology that can manage variable rate application and even multiple product application. Imagine an application system that can control application by individual boom section. Imagine a display that can be easily switched from your anhydrous rig to your spreader and then your sprayer. Then imagine that same display also recording all of your field application activities so you can easily access application reports. That’s exactly the power you get with INSIGHT display’s DirectCommand system.

DirectCommand gives you direct control over individual boom sections and application rate by connecting directly to supported brands of flow meters and valves. The DirectCommand system gives you control over both liquid and granular application – including anhydrous applicators, spreaders, air carts and sprayers, while simultaneously logging data and providing application mapping capabilities – from one integrated display – the INSIGHT display.

DirectCommand Supports Anhydrous Heat Exchangers:
  • Raven two-valve system.
  • Raven one-valve system.
  • Dickey-john system.
AutoSwath™ – The Benefits:
  • Lower input waste and cost.
  • Reduces crop damage from over application.
  • Reduces skips due to forgetting to turn boom section back on.
  • Less operator fatigue.
  • Operator can monitor other functions.
  • Improves overall accuracy.
  • Improves environmental stewardship.

  • Rate Control. The DirectCommand system matches the real-time prescribed application rate to the target application rate by reading the flow meter and instantly adjusting the control valve. Simultaneously, it reads ground speed from a radar gun or 1 to 10 Hz GPS receiver and adjusts the valve accordingly. The system can also read and display optional pressure sensors, eliminating the need to monitor pressure gauges located outside the cab.
  • Manual Boom Section Control. The DirectCommand system connects and controls up to ten boom valves independently. A simple switch box allows an operator to switch on or off individual boom sections. This is especially useful around point rows, waterways and field borders. The system supports both motorized and solenoid type boom valves. An auxiliary input module is also available for connecting built-in boom and master switches in self-propelled sprayers or other vehicles.
  • AutoSwath Boom Control. An alternative to manual boom control, DirectCommand’s exclusive AutoSwath™ boom control automatically turns on/off individual boom sections based on your field map. AutoSwath eliminates the need for manually switching boom sections on/off – and the possibility of forgetting about a boom section that is turned off. AutoSwath’s precision boom control won’t turn off until all areas under the boom are applied. An on screen coverage map showing application skips and overlaps verifies that the system is providing complete coverage without wasting inputs.
  • AutoSwath and Inside/Outside Boundaries. The AutoSwath feature allows you to map multiple outside and inside boundaries in each field. That means you can mark field borders, headlands, waterways, creeks, ponds, terraces and other areas within the field, allowing the INSIGHT display to automatically turn off/on boom sections as you pass over these areas. The system will also calculate the area for each of these boundaries and automatically subtract them from total field acres.


The INSIGHT display makes it easy to create application reports. Enter the temperature, wind speed, EPA number and soil condition (temp and moisture) and the INSIGHT display automatically creates a report as a pdf file on the memory card - including a map with legend, total volume/area applied and all of your user data. The application reports can be used for government-required record keeping, or, if you're a custom applicator, you can supply it to your customer with your invoice.
  • Ability to record temperature, wind speed, soil conditions and input of EPA numbers.
  • Quick, easy way to get summary and as-applied data.
  • Record of pesticide use for government record keeping.
  • Printed record can be supplied to custom application customers with invoice.
  • Easy to use pdf file generated to card which can easily be transferred and read.
  • File includes map with legend, total volume/area and all user entered data.


INSIGHT Display. The large color touch screen display can perform Variable Rate Application as well as record the as-applied data. Variable Rate Prescriptions are written to a .TGT file from a desktop software package, such as Ag Leader's SMS and then stored on the compact flash card for application. Color prescription maps and color as-applied maps are displayed in real-time.

Insight DirectCommand Switchbox. The Insight DirectCommand Switchbox is for times when you do not wish to use the AutoSwath feature. The boom switches on the DirectCommand Switchbox override the rest of the system, giving you ultimate control at your fingertip. For vehicles that already have boom switches installed in the cab console, the DirectCommand system will interface with them providing a clean installation.

DirectCommand Modules. The DirectCommand Modules convert the signals from items such as control valves, flow meters, boom valves and radar guns to CAN messages for the Insight. In turn, the Insight sends CAN messages to the modules to control your equipment. The DirectCommand modules are rugged and weatherproof and designed to be installed outside the cab.

Vehicle Installed Components. Insight's DirectCommand System is compatible with most popular rate control products on the market. Components such as boom valves, flow meters, flow control valves, pressure sensors, and radar guns typically come installed on the vehicle from factory and Insight's DirectCommand System will hook directly up to them.

The diagram below illustrates a typical DirectCommand installation.

----- Dashed Line denotes what is installed inside the cab

Technical Specifications

Component Specifications:

SC110 Switch Console
Dimensions: 10.4" W x 2.9" H x 2.1" D (265 x 74 x 54 mm)
Weight: 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact PC/ABS Chemical and UV Resistant

Liquid / Granular Product Control Module
Dimensions: 7.7" W x 5.2" H x 1.6" D (195 x 132 x 40 mm)
Weight: 2.9 lbs max (1.32 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact PC/ABS Weather Proof for External Mounting Chemical and UV Resistant Polyurethane Filled

Auxiliary Input Module
Dimensions: 6.8" W x 4.0" H x 2.1" D (173 x 102 x 54 mm)
Weight: 2.1 lbs max (0.95 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact PC/ABS Weather Proof for External Mounting Chemical and UV Resistant Polyurethane Filled

Master Foot Switch (optional)
Dimensions: 3.4" W x 1.7" H x 4.6" D (86 x 43 x 116 mm)
Weight: 2.5 lbs max (1.1 kg)
Enclosure: Cast Iron


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