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The Next Level of Precision Farming


Engineered from the ground up to take advantage of emerging advances in Precision Farming, INSIGHT features a 10.4" color touch-screen display, allowing you to view on-the-go information in color as the you move through the field. Record all of your field activities - from planting to harvest. Generate color maps while planting so you can see location of each hybrid/variety, even when using split planter operations. Perform automatic and manual product application control and prescription-based variable rate control for liquid and granular products and display color maps of prescriptions and resulting as-applied rates. Automatically turn on/off individual boom sections for more accurate control and generate application reports directly from the display. Monitor yield and moisture at harvest and see your maps being generated in real-time. And, let the system steer your vehicle down each pass to reduce fatigue and allow you to better monitor equipment performance. The INSIGHT utilizes a CAN bus system, opening up the possibility of future compatibility with other CAN bus systems of equipment manufacturers and providing unlimited expandability. The CAN bus system constantly monitors itself and all of the modules to ensure optimal performance. With the increased information Insight's CAN bus system provides, tasks can be automated, reducing the need for operator input. The INSIGHT display has a rugged sealed enclosure to keep out the elements and has an internal memory for storage of color maps. Adjustable backlighting on the display makes it easy to view the monitor in bright sunlight or at night. Direct access keys provide one-touch access to Home, Setup, Summary/Report and Run screens. INSIGHT gives you the power to clearly see what's happening in your field - while you're still in it!
  • Readability. The INSIGHT display’s large 10.4-inch color touch screen features onetouch adjustable backlighting for better readability day or night.
  • Simplicity. Yield monitor setup is as easy as selecting your combine model from a list. An on-screen keyboard with contextual help is easy to navigate and more intuitive. Moving the INSIGHT display from vehicle to vehicle is easy – using the same mounting bracket as the PFadvantage – or optional RAM™ mount for tractors and sprayers.
  • Compatibility. INSIGHT display is compatible with a wide variety of precision hardware, including most NMEA GPS receivers and the most popular controllers, including Mid-Tech®, Raven, Rawson, Flexicoil™, Trimble AgGPS® Autopilot and others.
  • Modeless operation. The INSIGHT display uses no keycards. A large internal memory gives you instant access to applications, maps, summaries, reports and setup/run screens.
  • Durability. A rugged, sealed enclosure keeps dust and elements out and protects the unit when transferring from one piece of equipment to the next, ensuring data integrity in all operating conditions. The INSIGHT display is backed by a two year warranty for added ease-of-mind.
  • Variety/Hybrid Mapping. Generate color maps while planting so you can see the location of each hybrid or variety.
  • Variable Rate Application Mapping. View real time target rate and color prescription maps with legends for both single and multiple products.
  • Yield and Moisture Mapping. Display harvest and moisture maps so you can instantly see how field conditions affect yield.
  • Boundary Maps. View your field perimeter and import/export field boundaries and sub-boundaries. Create sub-boundaries within the field.
  • Map Zooming and Panning. View skips and overlaps to verify field coverage and view other points of interest.
  • Summary Screen. A summary screen provides a complete summary from each field.
  • Automatic Legend Adjustment. The INSIGHT display automatically adjusts the legend “on-the-fly” to best show yield variability in your fields.
  • Reference Mapping. View maps from previous field operations. Example: when harvesting, the yield map overlays on top of the variety/hybrid map.
  • Guidance Pattern Maps. The AgGPS Autopilot steering system allows you to view guidance patterns while you’re in the field.


Technology means nothing if it is difficult to use. From the very beginning, the goal for INSIGHT was to not only develop a precision farming system that was technically superior, but also one that was easier to use, expand and understand. We built user-friendliness right into the design, making it the most complete and advanced system for today and for years to come.

Touch Keyboard
  • Large 10.4-inch display for better readability and easier touch screen selections.
  • Sunlight-readable screen features one-touch adjustable backlighting for easier viewing day or night.
  • Industry-standard CAN-bus interface for better expandability and compatibility.
  • Modeless Operation means no keycard is required to access applications.
  • A rugged sealed enclosure keeps out the dust and elements and protects the unit when moving from one piece of equipment to the next.
  • Same flexible-use mounting bracket as PFadvantage. RAM™ mount available for tractors and sprayers.
  • Direct access keys give you one-touch access to home, setup, summary/report and run screens.
  • Command popular controllers, including Mid-Tech®, Raven, Rawson and others.
  • Data integrity is ensured in all operating conditions.
  • Large internal memory allows storage of color maps.
  • Unit is compatible with most NMEA GPS receivers.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty.

Harvest Setup

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 11.6" W x 8.9" H x 2.4" D (295 x 226 x 60.5 mm)
Weight: 4.8 lbs (2.2 kg)
Enclosure: High Impact Polycarbonate Chemical and UV Resistant
Environmental: Operating: 14°F to 149°F (-10°C to 65°C) Storage: -22°F to 158°F (-30°C to 70°C)
Display: 10.4" (264 mm) color LCD, 640 x 480 Resolution Sunlight Readable Backlight Intensity Control
Touch Screen: 11.2" (286 mm) diagonal Chemical Resistant
Audio: Integral Speaker with Volume Control
Connector: 1 - 28-Pin AMP
Card Slot: 1 - Type 1 Compact Flash Slot
Input/Output: CAN, Serial Port (RS232)
Mounting: 75mm Mounting Hole Pattern U-Bracket (Standard) Ram™ Mount (Optional)
Electrical: Full Function Range 8 - 18V Operating Range 6 - 19V Absolute Range 0 - 60V Reverse Voltage Protection Maximum Current Draw 2A Three Wire Power Push Button for Power Override Power Loss Protection for Shutdown


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