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AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer

AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer delivers sub-inch accurate steering for:
  • Strip till
  • No-till
  • Row and bedded crops
  • Nurseries and sod production
  • Drip tape installation

AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer is portable from unit to unit so your investment can be used year round for field preparation, laying beds or listing, planting, cultivating, spraying and harvesting.

Features and Benefits
  • Completely eliminates skip rows and overlaps
  • Operates at speeds as low as 0.01 MPH
  • Award winning 7D technology calculates pitch, roll and yaw using our unique dual antenna roof module without the hassle of gyros
  • Is easily upgraded to perform field leveling or implement steering
  • Allows you to create coverage maps and keep detailed GPS based field records
  • Ideal for installing drip irrigation tape, then keeping implements away from the tape in subsequent operations
  • Navigates on straight and curved paths

AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer Base Station

An AutoFarm base station monitors GPS satellites and continuously calculates a position. Since the base station is stationary, any perceived motion caused by atmospheric delays is measured and broadcast (multiple times per second) as a correction to the vehicle. These real-time corrections enable the AutoFarm RTK system to delivery sub-inch accurate and repeatable machine control.

Mobile configurations (shown here) are designed for easy set-up with just one cable connection. Streamlined, integrated components fit into a rugged carrying case. It has a 2-3 mile range with 12V battery power. Also available in AutoLevel model.

Tower and permanent configurations are available and designed for unmatched reliability and repeatability. Long range performance of up to six miles and beyond is achievable while maintaining sub-inch accuracy. Our new high-performance AFLink radios offer superior reception in areas with difficult topography and heavy foliage.

As most users soon discover, the benefits of RTK accuracy and repeatability become critical to their operations. Owning RTK infrastructure assures users of coverage when and where they need it most.

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